Our Story

Coming to life

Juice was, simply, never a huge part of my life growing up. Unless you consider the glass of apple juice while watching Sunday morning cartoons as a kid or the drop of orange juice in my mimosa as an adult.

Despite being a healthy person, a marathon runner, a cyclist, a yogi, an outdoorsman, and a vegetarian, juice was something that was always just too out of grasp. It was expensive, it was overly complicated, it was hard to find and therefore, it was never on my radar.

The notion of what cold-pressed juice could be changed for me during a trip to Sayulita, Nayarit Mexico, not just as an affordable and accessible product, but also as a community builder. Little windows along the streets opened their shutters each morning, drawing in a crowd of regulars who would sit, chat, drink juice, and catch up before heading on to their respective days.

The employees, the same each day, knew the regular drinks, knew the faces and knew how cold-pressed juice could make us better, healthier, and more balanced people.

Returning to Denver, I recognized an opportunity across the existing industry to center a community around cold-pressed juice. Fast forward several months and that’s when REACTIV came into play.

I was connected with the new real estate technology startup, REACTIV, and realized that I could bring this concept to life with manageable overhead by utilizing REACTIV's marketplace to find a space. I accessed the marketplace and searched for a shared restaurant space where I could activate this concept during an existing business' off hours.  I found a perfectly located space in Denver's LoHi Neighborhood, messaged the host, set up a site visit, came to an agreement, booked through REACTIV's platform and was able to launch my concept in under a month.
With REACTIV's innovative marketplace connecting me with an underutilized space, squeeze juicery was born! We have been bringing the community feeling from Sayulita to Denver ever since.

Our beliefs

We believe in the authenticity, the power, and the value of cold-pressed juice.

We believe in community and bringing people together around the shared goal of being healthier and happier.

We believe in good, ethically-sourced, and crafted products that our community can access.

We believe in diversity, inclusivity, and representation across every color, race, gender, socio-economic, political, and religious background.

Our commitment

Squeeze commits to providing our customers and our community with healthy, delicious, and affordable products. We stand behind our juice and believe with every fiber that it will help you to become a more balanced individual. If you are ever unsatisfied with us or our juice, we guarantee your money back.


REACTIV is a online marketplace that connects vacant and underutilized commercial real estate with tenants looking for flexible space to better suit their changing business needs

Stop by, say hi, and grab a drink

Squeeze is a space dedicated to community and wellness. We believe in the power of connection and therefore, do not deliver but rather encourage you to head for a stroll and stop by our window in Denver.


Thu-Sun: 7am to 1pm

Denver | Lower Highlands

3400 Osage St
Denver, CO 80211
(720) 464-8680