Our menu is thoughtfully and mindfully created to bring you the best combinations of nutrients and flavors. Whether you’re stopping by before work, running over after a daily workout, or happening upon our small window after a night out, we have the juice to keep your day in motion.


Ditch the caffeine for a natural boost to your day. Without the fibrous pulp, cold-pressed juice and its many nutrients are absorbed into your system in a fraction of the time and with considerable less energy expenditure. That means more time on your side to stay energized.

Pair that with the pH balancing and alkaline effects of most fruits and vegetables, and you’re living an altogether more active and energized life. We’ve created two juices that not only put a pep in your step but are two of our tastiest options and we know you’ll be coming back for more.

Garden Lemonade

lemon | strawberry | basil | coconut water



Tropical House

pineapple | orange | lemon | cucumber



Fruit Boost

kiwi | strawberry | orange | pepper | lemon



Life is all about balance and for many people, that means something different. But for us, balance is all about making sure you are well prepared in all facets of your life to be healthy, active, and in-tune. Our two balance juices specifically focus on two areas that are often overlooked.

Carrots and the biotins in them carry an unbelievable amount of vitamins that keep your eyes strong, especially when so much of our days are spent staring at a screen. Simultaneously, celery juice is the unspoken juice of the gurus, who swear by it’s ability to relax and calm the nerves.

Spice Life

lemon | green pepper | parsley | spinach | cucumber | ginger



Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

carrot | Yellow Beet | Lemon | ginger



Straight Celery




After a long night out or a weekend of treating yourself, there’s no better feeling than flushing your system of the toxins that weigh you down. Essential nutrients found in beets, carrots, and celery help to break everything down and start you fresh.

We’ve added two essential ingredients to our juices to ensure a better detox experience: ginger and chia seeds. Gingers acts as a natural colon cleanser while chia seeds physically scrape your system clean.


Beets by Bre

purple beet | carrot | lemon | orange | Ginger



Chia Cleanse

apple | celery | Cucumber | chia seed



Cold-pressed juice is packed with the essential vitamins and nutrients to keep bolster your immune system and keep you healthy. Rich in antioxidants, produce like spinach, oranges, lemons, and berries carry iron, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, zinc and B6 in each sip.
Our Lean Greens and Citrus Kick juices have been crafted specifically to keep you strong and healthy any time of day or year. Add an extra shot of ginger or turmeric to really kick things into high gear.

Lean Greens

apple | cucumber | celery | spinach | ginger



Citrus Kick

orange | pepper | turmeric


Stop by, say hi, and grab a drink

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